What Are The Cannabis Regulations In My State

Step 4 – Regulation vs Location

by Anthoney Frischknecht

“I think we need to significantly reduce the regulatory burden on the private sector. The Obama administration is doing the opposite. They’re loading on more and more regulation on the private respect to how the economy functions.”
– Dick Cheney
Now is the time to get down and dirty. If your plan is to build your business in the state you live in, then you need to know your state laws regarding medical and recreational cannabis regulations. If your state has already gone through this process, you should be able to find out a lot of this info on your state’s website.
For an example, please visit my website, at BlackMarketBook.com.
You need to spend some time reviewing your regulations. This is not the fun part, but what it allows you to do is determined by whether or not your state has regulations that will allow your business to thrive. So many times, I have seen states, such as Colorado and California, make these overwhelming and complicated regulations. It is best if you can determine this prior to investing so much time, money, and effort. I want to see you save as much of that as possible. This will also grant you a large advantage over your competition. While reviewing, you will also find little niches and loopholes in the regulations, which you can use to your advantage—things that most people will never see, because they miss this step.
There are a number of states throughout the country that have legalized medical and recreational cannabis. Each time there is an election or midterm election, there are one to two states that seem to vote on the end of probation. This gives you so many options if you want to become successful and wealthy. There is no greater time than now for the cannabis entrepreneur.
Once you have done your homework, contact your new counsel. Have a list of questions from your review of the regulations, so that you can get verification and understand them correctly. If you do the review process first, it should save you a fair amount of legal fees. Doing what you can, to the best of your ability, will not only teach you a lot but will give you some tools in order to decide where you would like to start the business.
To be continued…

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